Thursday, April 03, 2008

75% Say No To Olympics

"We're not idiots here. We have actually given more thought and careful planning than any other city has ever done before" (Tessa Jowell)

Today's 2012 opinion poll confirms what we always thought: our arrogant spendthrift rulers have landed us with a huge bill for something 75% of us DON'T EVEN WANT. The poll details are (1999 sample size):

  • 75% of us will definitely not attend
  • 28% of us "have no interest in sport" at all
  • 73% expect no benefit to their area
  • 80% say it will not inspire them to participate in sport

Let's remind ourselves of the numbers. The official cost estimate is currently £9.3bn, or around £400 per household. But that excludes various "extras", and BOM's estimate of the all-in total is £20bn, or £800 per household.

To put it another way, if the 25% of adults who actually want these games were billed for them directly, they would be paying about £1600 each.

Naturally the BBC are in denial, and their hundreds of sports correspondents are busy explaining how it's "taking time to get the message across".

On the contrary, the message has come across loud and clear: our idiotic grandstanding government, cheered on by the BBC, have landed us with a hideously expensive bunfight three-quarters of us simply don't want.

There could hardly be a clearer illustration of how our rulers ignore the wishes of ordinary taxpayers. Our only purpose is to pay the bills.

PS Amazingly, that ludicrous Tess quote is what she actually says- see BBC vid.

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