Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Dare You Disobey Orders!

Model employee

The Commissars know best. Surely everyone knows that.

So why are schools deliberately setting their own admissions policies? Don't they understand how education works?

Good schools must take their fair share of disaffected dunderheads, so they can benefit from contact with hard working bright kids. Everybody knows hard working bright kids automatically pull the others up.

And good schools must not take more than their fair share of hard working bright kids, otherwise how can lousy schools be made to improve? Everybody knows rubbish producers can only be improved by forcing demanding customers to use them, and none are more demanding than pain in the butt pushy middle class parents.

All education is the education of the class stuggle. Middle class kids come into the world with all the advantages so it's only right they give something back. If that means holding them back by forcing them to share classrooms with disadvantaged working class kids, then so be it.

The working class needs a hand up, the middle class has already got too much, and state schools are the instrument of change. The Commissars have believed this for years, certainly since the Glorious Revolution when the People's Crosland pushed through the dissolution of the oppressive grammar schools.

True, there has never been a shred of evidence that any of this works, but that's because the brilliant shining vision has been repeatedly undermined by operational failures below decks.

Which is why the Commissars so despise the minions who work for them. Time and time again, Great Helmsmen have charted highways to the stars, only to denied by selfish nit-picking incompetence downstairs.

Ye Gods! Schools would operate so much better without the teachers.

Or the pupils, come to that.

PS Yes, we're wondering what the real story is, too. State schools charging for admissions? Doesn't sound that likely, and you have to guess it's just more lying by the loathsome Balls to distract attention from the shambles of his school admissions policies (see this blog).

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