Friday, March 07, 2008

Abandon Ship!

No confusion here

Following this week's devastating PAC probe (see BOM report here), Commissar Balls appeared on BBC R4 Today to defend his disastrous school Diplomas. He was grilled in detail about the PAC's concerns.

Well, er, no, he wasn't grilled in detail about that at all because Humphrys seemed entirely unaware there'd even been a PAC enquiry (even though Tyler had emailed him BOM's report).

So instead, Humphrys quizzed him about the line he'd been fed by the teaching unions (John Dunford), which is that the Diploma should not have to compete with A Levels- ie that A Levels should be abolished. Isn't having two sets of exams a grotesque confusion?

Balls and the Commissars undoubtedly agree with that. For the last half-century the state education establishment has wanted nothing more than one-size fits all provision. And the only thing that's holding them back here is the fact that for entirely selfish reasons, the pesky parents in those tiresome middle-England swing constituences want to keep A Levels.

As the rest of us can see all too clearly, the very last thing we need is for these mushy dumbed down Diplomas to become the only exams offered in state schools. A Levels are already well down the hill (see here), and independent schools are abandoning the state exam system in droves.

But state schools are not allowed to make such logical choices. They have their controls set by the Commissars, and they're heading straight for the rocks.

Whatever it takes, parents need to get hold of a life jacket and jump.

Update: Mr H has replied to Tyler's email- so good for him. Unfortunately he didn't get it in time, so hopefully he'll get another crack in future.

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