Friday, March 28, 2008

9 Million Cubic Metres Of Hype

The BBC should be very pleased - flight killer T5 is saving the planet

Following news of the Heathrow Terminal 5 debacle, we refreshed our memory of this blog last year. In it, we relayed the breathless PR hype fed to, and faithfully reported by our journos:

"The project has successfully moved 9 million cubic metres of earth; erected the roof of UK's biggest free-standing building; transported the 900-tonne top cab of a new 87m high control tower 2km across the airfield; bored over 13km of tunnels for rail and baggage; diverted two rivers; and installed over 30,000 sq metres of glass facades."

Somehow our newshounds failed to spot the potential problems that have now produced BA/Heathrow's biggest PR disaster since... ooh... last summer's 28 mile check-in queue.

So what does it mean for that even more grandiose project to build the Olympic Park? With a mere four years to go now, does it mean that Valuable Lessons have been learned, and we will avoid a similar meltdown at the 2012 opening ceremony?

What do you think?

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