Friday, January 11, 2008

Whiffy Bins

Orange ones are exempt from criminal prosecution

As we know, we're facing a raft of new stealth taxes to pay for Bottler's fiscal meltdown. But today we learned that while we'll all get clobbered by the upcoming bin tax, MPs will be able to claim it back on expenses. Expenses paid for by you know who.

See, the rules that apply to us little people don't necessarily apply to our rulers.

Take for instance, the ghastly Peter Hain, banged to rights over his dodgy campaign donations. Despite apparently admitting a criminal offence, he reckons it's perfectly OK to carry on as a cabinet minister. Because, as one of his Parliamentary cronies, ex-Grauniad journo Martin Linton, explains, the matter is not "a big deal"- such things "happen very easily in politics".

You thought the criminal law is the criminal law? You thought that because it's still above us, it must still be above deceitful greasy orange MPs?


The Major is frothing. He wants to know why Hain isn't being stuffed into a tax-free wheelie bin and sent for immediate incineration.

PS Just so we know, Hain's department, the DWP, is Britain's biggest spender. It spends £133bn pa (getting on for 10% of our national income), and employs around 110,000 people. And the man in charge is either an incompetent crook or simply an incompetent. Sleep well.