Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Renewables Masterplan

The cost of renewables (source: PB Power)

By Order of the Reich Commission

Under Commission Order 2007(3), by 2020, 20% of all energy usage in the Greater Europe Economic Co-prosperity Sphere will come from renewable sources.

Commissioners today confirmed that even the backward citizens of North West Special Administrative Measures Zone IV will be permitted to make a patriotic contribution of 15%. Gauleiter von Brown will implement appropriate arrangements to drive improvement from the present wholly unacceptable level of 2%.


Let's just remind ourselves of some facts (see previous blogs here and here):
  • To hit our 15% target, by 2020 75% of our electricity generation (about 20% of total power usage) will have to come from renewables; at present we're on about 5%;
  • Cheap hydro power can only make a very small contribution (in marked contrast to eg Sweden which has many more hydro resources and a much smaller population);
  • Electricity from renewables typically costs 2-10 times coal fired generation;
  • With an average household electricity bill already running around £400pa, the typical household will therefore face a price hike of anything from £300-£1000pa- call it ten quid a week.

Oh, and prepare for regular South African style power cuts.