Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Latest On Costs Of Immigration

Here they come

As far as Tyler is aware, our rulers still maintain that their policy of mass immigration is for the benefit of existing Brits. It makes us so very much richer, you see (for overview of real facts see this blog).

The bills are now coming in thick and fast- two more fell on the mat yesterday:

1. £350m pa for migrant maternity services

According to a BBC survey, nearly one baby in four is now delivered to a mother born overseas. One in four!

With NHS maternity services costing £1.6bn pa overall, that means it's costing us around £350m pa. Actually it's reckoned to be more than that because foreign born mothers are apparently more likely to have complications.

When Labour came to power only one baby in eight was born to a foreign mother, so the problem has doubled in a decade.

On average, immigrants have many more children than Brits. The average native British woman has 1.6 children. The average immigrant woman has 2.2. And the average Pakistani woman in Britain has 4.7 children (eg see here). We don't yet have figures for the new Eastern European migrants, but the Major has a hunch about how they're shaping up.

2. Welfare benefits for new EU migrants

We're now spending an estimated £50m pa on child benefit for children living in Eastern Europe:

"A loophole in EU regulations means migrants from other EU countries who are seeking work in the UK can claim state handouts for children they have left behind in their home countries."

As always the government is doing its best to keep the figures hidden from us, but we do now know we're paying £21m pa for 26,000 Polish children from 16,286 families. The total benefits bill for the Treasury is likely to be closer to £50million a year once other Eastern European countries are included.

A glance at the differing rates of child support across Europe quickly shows why we're paying:

Polish newspapers reportedly run regular features explaining how to claim benefits in Britain, and it's thought that many claimants are drawing benefit both here and back in Poland- there are no effective cross checks.

And note also this is just the cost of just one welfare benefit. It's reckoned the cost of payments under Brown's working tax credits for low paid workers are even higher. Because despite all that rhetoric about high skill migrants, in reality many are in low paid jobs we taxpayers are subsidising.

As we've blogged before, the truth about mass immigration is that the left sees it as an instrument of international aid. So it's hardly surprising it costs us money. We can certainly have that arm-waving debate about cultural benefits, but in terms of cold hard cash, the numbers increasingly tell us that the average Brit is almost certainly a loser.