Monday, January 28, 2008

Do You Want Fries With That?

Not to everyone's taste

So the state exam system is now so dumbed down and worthless it's having to visit McDonalds for a helping of credibility:

"McDonald's has won approval to offer courses which could form part of an A-level standard qualification. The fast-food giant, airline FlyBe and Network Rail are the first three firms to be approved to offer courses equal to units of the new diplomas. It means students could combine units from in-house courses with others to obtain the government's flagship new vocational and academic qualification."

You (almost) couldn't make it up.

Actually, Tyler is strongly in favour of workplace qualifications, organised and managed by employers themselves. Such qualifications are much more likely to be valuable than the useless Allmusthaveprizes confetti diplomas handed out by the state (see previous blogs on £11bn pa nationalised skills industry- eg see here, here and here).

But why pretend they are equivalent to academic qualifications?

Well, no, we know why: our one-size-can-still-fit-all-if-the elastic-is-stretchy-enough socialist rulers always think they can engineer away differences in aptitude and ability.

If I were a McDonalds shareholder, I'd be very concerned. As part of the Commissars' skool masterplan the company's qualifications cannot long maintain their current rigour.