Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back From Beyond

Second rate faker

We're glad to see Doc Crippen has finally returned from beyond the Blogosphere. And unlike Macca, we're pretty sure this is still the real Crippen.

So have no fear. He won't be coming out with his version of Mull of Kintyre or the Frog's Chorus. Just more robust good sense and well-informed spleen on the state of healthcare under Rockin' Al J.

We look forward to it.

PS As you may know, the Doc long ago supplanted the other Dr Crippen on Google. After all, the other one's only claim to fame was murdering his wife, dismembering her, and then getting caught mid-Atlantic by means of the new fangled radio telegraph. And now modern DNA evidence says the body wasn't even Mrs Crippen's! What a faker. But our Doc C is the genuine article- we can't imagine him ever dismembering the wrong woman.