Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Arrogance Of Power

We love Paxo's hrrumph at the end

Ever since the days of Bad King Ugg, our rulers have considered themselves above the law. After all, the law is not meant for them, but for us little people.

Most of the time their badness remains concealed from us. But sometimes it slips out, and right now, it’s slipping out all over the place.

Item 1: The Labour Party

After a decade of absolute power, Labour's corruption is absolute. Its funding is dependent on criminality, its leaders took us into an illegal war, and it routinely lies about its “achievements”.

On funding, contrary to all previous denials, we now hear the Abrahams concealment scam was cooked up with the active participation of party officials, not Abrahams all by himself. Labour’s corruption at national level now precisely mirrors the party’s long and dishonourable history in its one-party heartlands like Scotland and North East England.

Item 2: The Police

Senior police officers are unaccountable to the citizens they police, and have become habitual benders of the law.

A Deputy Commissioner of the Met has just been exposed as running up thousands in highly dubious expense claims, and making stacks of personal calls (on his police issue mobile) to a female acquaintance at the Independent Police Complaints Commission while the IPCC were investigating a serious case involving himself (to wit, the Stockwell shooting). But instead of being brought to book, he’s been allowed to take early retirement on full pension, as per standard practice for compromised members of the Commissariat. Dodgy expenses for many other officers are currently under active investigation.

Meanwhile, Meredydd Hughes, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, has been convicted of speeding and banned from driving. Incredibly, he was the cop in charge of the national traffic policing to reduce speeding (see excellent Newsnight vid above).

Item 3: The Commissariat

We’ve blogged the unelected unaccountable unspeakable £117,882 pa Lee Jasper before (eg see here). He’s Red Ken’s “race” man, and he apparently has big problems differentiating between public money and money for his political mates:

"Mr Jasper is at the centre of a network of companies, including Brixton Base, which have received at least £2.5 million from the Mayor while appearing to do little or no work of public benefit in return.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of public cash paid to the companies is unaccounted for and has disappeared. Many of the same people - friends or business associates of Mr Jasper - appear as directors or staff members in each organisation."

Jasper and his "associates" have also been accused of bullying and intimidation.

Item 4: MPs

We’ve just had an update on our legislators- the guys who have pushed themselves forward as being qualified to make our laws:

84 have been arrested for drink driving in the last year
3 have done time for assault
7 have been arrested for fraud
4 have been arrested on drug-related charges
8 have been arrested for shoplifting...

Well, OK that's just the old US Congress spoof.

But you have to admit- it's virtually impossible to tell.


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