Friday, November 02, 2007

Wonder Horse To Replace Grammars

Like a streak of lightnin' flashin' cross the sky, "Schools Minister Andrew Adonis today announced John Stannard as the new National Champion for the Young Gifted and Talented (YG&T) programme".


Was a time when Britain's gifted and talented children had to put up with being educated in those hopeless state grammar schools. Those bad old days are long gone.

True, "young people from higher social groups are now more than twice as likely to go on to university than young people from lower social groups," as My Lord Adonis puts it. But now he's appointed this new Wonder Horse that will soon change. All secondary schools are to be forced to come up with the young gifted and talented pupils they must surely have lurking somewhere in 4C, or face the consequences.

His Lordship explains: "It is simply not acceptable for a secondary school to be refusing to identify very able students who need extra support to fulfil their talents. John Stannard's first priority in his new role will be to challenge the 300 secondary schools not currently identifying any gifted and talented pupils."

Hence the Horse, who "was invited to take up the role following consultation with a wide range of stakeholders from the Gifted and Talented Community".

It's such a brilliant idea, we're frankly amazed the independent schools haven't appointed their own YG&T Champion.

Watch out.

There's a Wonder Horse about.

PS Back in the real world, we learn today that the £500m national literacy strategy has been a waste of money. A detailed analysis from researchers at Durham University concludes there's been "almost no impact on reading levels". It also found all kinds of dodgy goings on with the officially reported test stats.

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