Saturday, November 03, 2007

Three Things

Big Government was the future once

The other evening Tyler and a fellow malcontent were reflecting over a noggin or two of the excellent Deuchars IPA.

"Well, at least Bottler's been well and truly whacked."

"So what? Cameron's just more of the same: same tax and spend, same top-down managerialism for health and education, same creeping Euro-federalism..."

"Mmm. I guess that's first past the post electoral reality for you: Cam steps away from the centre-ground and he risks incineration. It's incredibly frustrating, but that's just the way things are."


"But there has to be a way of changing things. Look, there are always three things. Forget Cam and all that party politicking: which three things could we target directly to get the centre-ground moving? Think about that."

"OK. Number one- the BBC."

"Agreed. The leftie big government anti-market BBC has to be privatised. It's outrageous that taxpayers should be forced to fund the main propagandist for yet bigger government."

"Number two- localism. We've got to get power pushed down from Whitehall back to local councils."

"Agreed. And most crucially, tax raising power. If local councils had to raise more of their funding from local taxpayers, it would concentrate minds wonderfully."

"Number three- the EU. The whole Europe project is taking us in exactly the wrong direction, towards even bigger government. We need to wait for the next big outrage- like, say, EU human rights for some Al-Qaeda guy who's blown up Oxford Street- and really hammer it."

"You reckon? What about going after those Scottish Labour MPs setting policy for English hospitals and schools? If we got that sorted, we'd pretty well stop Labour running English public services. Think what that could mean."

"Yeah. But I hate the EU."

"Hmm. A packet of pork scratchings and another pint of this most excellent Soviet libation?"

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