Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still Screwing Us After All These Years


I'm sure we all agree the above vid is an excellent use of taxpayers' money. It's a product of the EU's Media 2007 programme subsidising the audiovisual industry, which is costing us £530m. And I'm not making it up.

Meanwhile the EU Court of Auditors has just refused to sign off the EU's accounts for the thirteenth straight year. Another £75bn of taxpayers' funds that can't be accounted for.

If that happened in the private sector, directors would get prosecuted and jailed. In the EU there is no consequence whatsoever.

Taxpayers can have no assurance that their EU taxes aren't being defrauded. Or used for entirely unauthorised purposes: EU agricultural aid is going into things like railway companies, horse riding and breeding clubs, golf and leisure clubs, and even city councils. We taxpaying art lovers can't even be sure our porn movies are getting their allocated crack of the subsidised whip.

So next time somebody like the vacuous Bugs Bunny comes on the telly telling us what a wondrous institution the EU is, remember.

Remember the subsidised porn.

And remember the money pouring into the pit.

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