Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleaze Balls

Cash for planning permission in the Socialist Republic of North East of England? Has a familiar ring somehow.

This time:"Fresh questions about David Abrahams's donations to the Labour Party have been raised by MPs after it emerged that he is behind a £60 million business park granted planning permission after he gave £160,000 to the party.

Plans for the 540-acre Durham Green Business Park were originally turned down by the Highways Agency on the grounds that it would cause too much congestion on the A1. But last year the Highways Agency, which answers to the Department for Transport, removed its objections. The local Labour council approved the scheme."

Last time of course, it was John Poulson paying T Dan Smith for local authority building contracts, rather than planning permission. But the value of this Durham business park will come from the Lyons plan for relocating civil servants out of the South East.

Either way, taxpayers pick up the tab.
PS We're well used to Labour incompetence, but it comes to something when they can't even break their own laws competently. Does anyone take them seriously?

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