Thursday, November 01, 2007

Scuffling At The Pension Trough

Because I'm worth it

Lord Crony is scuffling with Bottler over how much money we taxpayers will be forced to shell out to keep him in comfortable retirement. Bottler's offering £50 grand pa: Crony's demanding £100 grand. They'll be meeting in court.

Meanwhile, the head of the Post Office- yes, the same Post Office that is closing half its customer service branches, has abolished Sunday collections, and is racked by strikes- helped himself to £1.25m last year. £150 grand of that was a contribution to his pension.

And of course, Sir Richard "we're all f***ed" Mottram has just retired from the Civil Service with a pension pot of £2.7m.

Just as a painful reminder, these index linked final salary pensions cost us a fortune. The total liability is £1 trillion, which is around £40,000 for every single British household.

But at least we have the comfort of knowing Charlie won't have to spend old age living on Tesco Value Beans.

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