Thursday, November 22, 2007

Doctor, I'm In Pain

Kenneth Williams has his wallet surgically removed in Carry on NHS Waste

The Public Accounts Committee has just issued its report on that Simple Shopper pay deal for NHS consultants.

We blogged the original NAO report here, so we won't repeat it. In summary:
  • Thanks to the NHS "new contract" pay deal, hospital consultants got a 25% pay rise for doing less work

  • Costs were wildly understimated- at least £715m vs a forecast £565m- which contributed to the NHS deficit crisis

Since 2000, the paybill for NHS consultants has doubled to £4bn pa. Consultant numbers only increased by around 30%, and their productivity (so-called finished consultant episodes per consultant) slumped:

Just like with the notorious GPs contract, we taxpayers have had shocking value, paying considerably more for considerably less.

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