Friday, November 16, 2007

Bucked Up

Another country

As previously suggested
, Tyler was educated at a state grammar school in Bucks. Actually, Slough Grammar used to be in Bucks, but that nice Mr Heath moved it into Berks when he imposed his corporatist master plan on local government in 1974. No matter, it still exists as a traditional and proud grammar school even though Berks is generally comprehensive.

Meanwhile Bucks has remained one of the few local authorities to have retained its grammars. They continue to achieve great results. People move into the county so their children can attend them.

And now the County Council wants to open a new one- the first new state grammar in Britain for fifty years.


Of course, Labour's Level Down, Dumb Down Commissars will block it. But they need to be confronted out in the open. With Dave's Tories likely to keep their heads tucked well down, that's all the more reason for the rest of us to cheer on the brave councillors of Bucks for stepping up to the plate.

What a fantastic contrast with Stoke on Trent, where the council is planning to abolish the town's only properly functioning school- its one vestigial grammar.

Here are a couple of other interesting contrasts between Bucks and Stoke:
  • Gross value added per capita pa- Bucks £20,300; Stoke £13,125 (both 2004)

  • A-C GCSE passes including Maths and English (%)- Bucks 60%; Stoke 34.6% (2006-07, see here, table 15a)
Now, what conclusions should we draw do you think?


PS Regular readers may recall a previous post on Stoke on Trent, when it was deemed by the parallel universe Audit Commission to be the only Local Authority in England failing to meet the Commission's "value for money" test. Of course, in the real world we all know loads of LAs fail to deliver value for money, but the point about Stoke's abysmal ranking is that the Audit Commission test was based on self-assessment- ie they're so bad they can't even assess themselves as good. Our advice to residents remains unchanged- flee to the hills.

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