Friday, November 02, 2007

Accountabililty- Public Vs Private Sector

Catastrophic failings in internal risk controls at Merrill Lynch resulted in the loss of $7.9 bn on dodgy mortgage investments. The next step was clear: in the words of the Economist, "after a few days' testy deliberation, the board tipped its chairman and chief executive, Stan O'Neal, through the nearest window".

Catastrophic failings in internal risk controls at the Met Police resulted in the deliberate shooting dead of of an innocent man. The next step was clear: after two seconds "deliberation", Mayor Livingstone called his Met Commissioner an "incredibly talented officer" who enjoys the full support of the force. Further, he described the findings of the court that found the Met guilty of 19 separate failings, and an overall failure to protect the public, as "disastrous".

We've blogged the useless arrogant parallel universe Sir Ian on many occasions (eg here). But there is no way we can get rid of him. As long as Ken and his leftie cronies support the pc PC, we're stuck.

Let's hope the voters of London remember this in the Mayoral elections (Ken was elected by just 16% of them).

And, oh yes, roll on directly elected sheriffs.

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