Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TV Spin

Is it time to look at the real world yet?

Very interesting watching TV News coverage of Darling's Budget.

BBC News 24, amazingly, headlined it as a tax and borrowing budget. Sure they reported the increase in spending, but the emphasis was all on higher taxes and higher borrowing. Big Government Brown is so pants he's even managed to piss off the Big Government BBC.

ITV News was similarly critical. In fact, their political editor Tom Bradby really laid into the government, with hideous footage of Brown's smirking and all-round insincerity.

The only outlier was old-world leftie C4 News. They led on the notion that Labour had somehow outsmarted the Tories by shooting some fox (although at least that's better than the two-dimensional BBC hackette who later offered "spiking the Tories' fox"- that not only sounds extremely unpleasant, it's almost certainly illegal, and makes you go blind as well).

Yes, it's easy to talk of tipping points. But in terms of tax and spend, I reckon we really have reached one.

And Labour are on the wrong side of it.

So come on Byers/Milburn/Clarke/Millipede- your party needs you.

And the rest of us need a few laughs as the economy tanks and we wait for the time we can kick you all out in 2010.

Let the plotting (re)commence.

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