Friday, October 05, 2007

Tax Group-Thinkers In Midnight Fumble

On Monday, when George stood up and pledged to abolish the Death Tax for all except millionaires, you would have been able to hear the cheer from the top of the Pepsi Max Big One. Tyler screamed with delight, and Mrs T was only able to restore order by punching him in the face.
Afterwards, the buzz among members was unanimous- George had transformed our electoral prospects: in fact, he'd quite possibly stymied Bottler Brown's snap election.
Imagine our surprise then to find that "expert opinion" outside reckoned the election was still on.
BBC R4 Today has been maintaining an "expert" powered Election Clock, and its hands were still moving closer to midnight even as the week progressed. In fact, by Thursday- after not just the IHT pledge, but also Dave's stupendous chatshow Henry V- these experts had moved their clock right up to 5 minutes before midnight.
The fundamental reason, of course, is that expert opinion has a severe aversion to tax cuts. The media's usual suspects pontificators are more or less unanimous that pledges of tax cuts are electoral suicide for the Tories. After all, haven't the Tories lost the last 284 elections promising precisely that? Don't the electorate always read tax cuts as a nuke strike on the NHS? And doesn't everyone understand that tax cuts mean buying into the nasty prospectus?
Well, now we know that's piffle.

Actually, we always knew it was piffle.

But having been proved so spectacularly wrong by today's opinion polls (eg see here), surely even our group-thinking experts should now acknowledge it. We can't really expect the likes of Jackie Ashley and Miguel P to give up their own devotion to Big Government, but at least they ought to recognise that the electorate has developed a rather more sophisticated understanding of the real world.

PS Voting guru Prof John Curtice is one of the usual suspects. On Wednesday he was all over the TV telling us that despite the IHT pledge and Henry V, Gordo was virtually assured an election victory. Indeed, in yesterday's Independent he wrote: "There certainly appears to be no danger that Labour could actually lose an early election". By last night, he'd trimmed a bit- forced to by the sensational, and to him totally unexpected, swing in the polls. But he's still firmly calling it for Gordo. Who is he? Yes, I know he's Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University, and he's written loads of books and learned articles. But who is he really?


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