Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The massed ranks of politicos and commissars are still apparently up there on the bridge, but the charts are blank, the instruments are dead, and the wheel isn't connected up to anything down below.

OK Number One, full ahead on the bin tax!

Full ahead it is, Sir.

No! Full astern on the bin tax!

Full astern it is, Sir.

Ah... no.... as you were, Number One, full ahead on the bin tax!

Full ahead?

Full ahead, Number One.... but full astern on school surpluses!

But Sir, didn't we just give the order for full ahead on school surpluses?

What? Well, never mind about that. Full ahead on drugs rehabiliation!

But Sir, I thought we'd found out it doesn't work. You remember- that foreign chappie who charged us £400m a year for a 97% failure rate.

What? Are you questioning my orders Number One? I'll have you flogged!

'Fraid not Sir- not permitted under EU Human Rights legislation.
"Ev'rybody down!"
[Cue sound of huge crash and canned laughter]

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