Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Foreign Convicts Still Costing Us A Packet

The Major's preferred option- Vorkuta, Siberia

We've blogged the foreign prisoner problem several times (eg see here). And today we learn that the Prison Service has set up two dedicated prisons to accomodate some of them.

We currently have 11,000 foreign prisoners in British jails- one in seven of our prison population. At £40 grand a throw, that's costing us £440m pa. Actually, it will be costing more than that because they include at least 50 different nationalities, who will need all manner of translation services and special cuisine.

What's more, we need those 11,000 prison places for our home grown British villains. Thanks to Labour's bungling, we have far too few cells, so all kinds of dangerous thugs are being left to walk free. 6,000 prisoners have already been freed under the barmy early release scheme, and some other wild animals never get banged up in the first place (eg see yesterday's blog).

Of course, the other point to make is that this problem is another cost of Labour's open borders policy. The number of foreign prisoners has more than doubled over the last decade, with some nationalities much more likely to end up inside than others. The last time we delved into the numbers we found the largest groups comprised:

  • Jamaican- 1564

  • Nigerian- 890

  • Irish- 649

  • Pakistani- 444

  • Turkish- 294

  • Somalian- 284

In July, during his right-wing grandstanding phase, Bottler promised to kick out 4,000 by year-end. Which on my calculation, would leave 8-9,000 here.

As we noted previously, the Major's solution is deport where we can be sure the felons will be kept safely locked up at home. Where we can't, we need to do a bulk deal with the Ruskies to rent their underused correctional facilities out East.

PS I'm just listening to a BBC R5 phone-in on this very subject. The inestimable PAC member Richard Bacon is on. Mrs T can't stand listening to such phone-ins because of the drivel some callers come up with. But I'm addicted. It's particularly interesting when callers say things like "why can't we chuck 'em all out?" Well, because they might get tortured back home. "So what? They're foreign criminals, and they shouldn't have abused our hospitality. Anyway, that may be the only kind of justice they understand". Well, you should be ashamed to hold opinions like that. Anyway, the other point is that they may not get properly locked up back home- they might just get on the next plane back here. "Well, they wouldn't come back if we punished them first- eg castrate foreign sex offenders and then chuck them out". To which there was no real answer. Other than, we're not doing that whatever you may think. BBC phone-ins are getting more adventurous, but they still have their red lines.

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