Monday, October 15, 2007

Doc Forced To Re-Open

Crippen being returned to the front line

As we've come to expect, the commissars have taken swift and decisive action. Although it's only a few days since Lord Dafti's Report demanding those backsliding GPs reinstitute our traditional out of hours service, we're already seeing results!

As from today Doc Crippen is reopening his surgery at the NHS Blog Doctor. Ancient and decrepit he may be, but he's been dragged back from his luxurious Bahamian beach bungalow to dispense that inestimable brand of highly informed spleen we've all missed so much.

We're looking forward to his bracing views on the c diff scandal, Dafti, the slashing of NHS budgetary growth, mega-hospitals, closures, and of course, this morning's splendid idea from Health Minister Ben Bradshaw for punters who can't find a NHS dentist to go to their NHS GP instead. The Doc is sure to be supportive.

We suggest you get round there asap and form an orderly queue.

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