Monday, September 03, 2007

Hurrah For Gordo!

We've criticised him many times in the past, but now we're cheering: Gordo has announced the New Politics:

"Only a new kind of politics can help us meet these challenges.

I believe that this is the wrong time in history for politics as usual, the wrong time for empty partisan posturing which focuses on what divides us.

Instead, this is the right time to discover what we have in common, to co-operate across party lines, to work together with patriotic purpose to do what is right in the British interest."

That's so right. He may have taken a long time to come round, but as a true patriot may I applaud his decision to go with what's so clearly in the British interest:

  • Education driven by choice and competition- ie abolishing state run schools and switching wholesale to school vouchers

  • Health services driven by choice and competition- ie abolishing the NHS and switching wholesale to the multiplicity of a social insurance system

  • Criminal justice driven by the need to reduce crime rather than maintain political correctness- ie doubling the number of prison places, 3 strikes and you're out, and reintroducing schh, you know what...

  • EU relations driven by British interests rather than the need for our commissars to be well thought of in Brussels-ie renegotiate the terms of membership to revert to a pure trading partner

  • Smaller government and lower taxes guaranteed by that third fiscal rule

  • Fiscal decentralisation, with each region standing on its own feet

  • Elected sheriffs

  • Half the number of MPs

  • Etc etc


You mean Gordo doesn't agree with any of that?

But in that case... shhurrely he can't be a true patriot.


On the day when Gordo recruited two Tory MPs to join his team, and Dave and George threw in the towel altogether on stepping out of line on spending, can anyone explain what exactly is the point of Westminster politics? It certainly isn't to confront the big issues or give us poor schmucks a choice.

Two competing teams of "managers"?

Don't make me laugh.

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