Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chinese Cure For Dodgy Travel Itineraries

Chinese approach... go on... I dare you
Boony travel by politicos and bureaucrats is a regular feature of the government waste reported by BOM (eg see this morning's blog).

China has the same problem. In fact, of course, since bigger government always means bigger problems, it's many times worse. But they're responding rather more rigorously than a quiet chat with one's Perm Sec. According to the China Daily:

"The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), the Party's graft buster, slammed officials at a local procuratorate for taking an overseas tour on taxpayers' money.

Xu Wenai, vice procurator-general of East China's Anhui Province, was removed from his post for wasting public funds on the trip to Finland.

A delegation of 10 people from the procuratorate headed by Xu was found to have fabricated an invitation from the Finnish government in November 2006. The CCDI investigation found the delegation also tampered with business travel routes, adding a number of destination countries."

Not quite sure what "removed from his post" actually entails, but it doesn't sound like an enhanced pension deal. And Finland isn't even the Bahamas.

According to the Ministry of Supervision (Gawd- doesn't that sound chilling) "nearly 5,000 officials were punished for squandering public funds in the first half of this year".

Makes you think...

...but no, we don't want to go there.

With its rapidly growing economy and huge walls of money, China now has a major problem with graft and corruption among public officials. The trouble is, with little public scrutiny of government permitted, it's very difficult for the top leadership to flush it out into the open. Yes, they can implement a top-down purge... but that's exactly where they came in originally.

Then, liberalising markets while keeping one party rule never did sound like a long-term runner.

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