Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baffled And Bemused

I'm sure he used to look different

"I had thought I was a Conservative, but I now see that I was not one at all."

Keith Joseph's famous conversion to small government is the mirror image of what we're getting from Cameron's Conservatives.

I haven't yet seen the Gummer/Goldsmith statist eco-manifesto, but if the spin and leaks are to be believed, it's well to the left of Gordon Brown.

Wellbeing, the Happy Planet Index, more taxes, more restrictions... I'm honestly beginning to think Gordo may be the lesser evil. At least he's always recognised and emphasised the importance of boosting our economic growth rate, even if his prescriptions have been counterproductive and policy execution incompetent.

Frankly, I'm no longer sure what I am.

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