Monday, September 10, 2007

2012 Anger Mounts

How *@*!!!* much!?!?
Little time to blog today, but I've caught snatches of two interesting TV pieces.

The first was on BBC1's local news programme for London, reporting- nay, headlining- the results of a TaxPayer's Alliance poll on the 2012 Olympics. The poll found that despite all the hype and hoopla - much of it from the BBC themselves - less than one-third of us still believe the Olympics are worth the financial risk. You can see the report here.

The second was C4 Dispatches which reported on the tangly web of financial deception at the very heart of the 2012 commissariate:

  • Tess knew that the budget was way undercooked long before she ever breathed a word to the rest of us (see previous blogs, especially this one with vid)

  • In the run-up to the bid, she and others suppressed an academic report they had commissioned which warned the regions would lose billions as a result of funds being switched to the Olympics

  • 2012 bosses are doing very nicely out of it all, especially Lord Coe (see previous blog). True, his rewarding off-piste enterprises remain "somewhat opaque" (even though Dispatches pursued his business partner all the way back to his taxlite lair in Monaco). But we got the general picture

Commissars of all persuasions have one thing in common- they all reckon they know better than the rest of us. The Olympics is one huge proof statement that they don't.

Public anger over the 2012 bill is mounting. With another five years still to go, let's hope that many more of us will see the bigger truth lurking just beneath the surface.

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