Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why Nimbyism Is Always Right

Wat Tyler reporting from inside the Forbidden Zone:

You heard it here early yesterday morning- the foot and mouth outbreak really did originate from the government's Plague Lab just down the road in Pirbright.

Yes, the Commissars are spinning like crazy that it came from an American pharma company who've rented a shed in the carpark. But this is a government site, and the government is responsible for its presence slap bang in the middle of heavily populated Surrey. And in my book, they're also responsible for what those foreign boffins get up to in their shed.

It's no coincidence that the sponsoring department is the dire Defra, reponsible for a whole string of catastrophes, and a previous BOM nominee for Whitehall's very worst department (see this blog). It turns out they have been trying to squeeze funding for the lab (see here). Given the usual blunt instruments involved in such squeezes, you'd have to guess security corners may well have been cut.

The current view is that the virus was carried out of the site by the wind.

By the wind.

That's the first anyone round here has heard that the Lab's "extremely tight biosecurity" might not include the wind. And it's made everyone recall other famous wind-borne escapes from hazardous government sites, like Windscale.

Nimbyism gets a very hard time from the Commissars. Be it giant new towns or giant new asylum hostels, the Commissars routinely paint nimby objection as the voice of selfish reaction holding society back from reaching the sunlit uplands of progress and fulfilment.

But of course, the Commissars don't have to live next door to progress. They don't take the hit on their quality of life, the value of their property, or the safety of their cattle (let alone some of the really alarming stuff Google throws up about Pirbright).

Remember that next time they lecture us about our social duties.

Meanwile, we local peasants are reaching for our pitchforks, flaming torches, and bio-suits, and heading for the main gates.

The Major's home made bio-suit


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