Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Platform BBC

This morning's Today programme

It's been a few weeks, so I think I can allow myself another short BBC post.

Which is that this morning's Today programme scored a near maximum in terms of platform provision for its causes:

1. Politics of envy

They've spent another few grand of our taxes conducting a survey which found FTSE100 CEOs now earning 67 times what their average worker earns. Disgraceful (see also today's Grauniad).

According to the spokesman from the Fabian Society, paying them that much reduces social mobility by imposing an even greater "mountain" for poor kids to climb. You and I might call that opportunity, but for the Fabian BBC it's A Problem for government to address. Their case is supposedly supported by a Fabian poll which they reckon shows how "people" want something done (see this blog for the real picture on such polls).

Oh yes, they did have a spokesman for our side, but he was Lord Young- deliberately chosen because he is a Thatcher era throwback and also frankly well passed his prime.

2. Evil supermarkets

They've spent another few grand of our taxes conducting a poll on just how evil people reckon supermarkets are. Inconveniently, it turns out that nearly 80% of us think supermarkets are just great. Still, they didn't let that interfere with a good story, and they interviewed Alexei Sayle (remember him? he was the "alternative" comedian who wasn't even slightly funny). Alex told us that people only think supermarkets aren't evil because the "monopolists" have used powerful mindbending techniques to confuse everyone- The People don't know what's best for them. Luckily, Alexei and his Marxist colleagues do.

3. Wind Power

Somebody whose name escapes me was given a lengthy slot- and repeater news headlines- to tell us that the government needs to spend more of our taxes on subsidising the installation of those wildly expensive and inefficient wind turbines. BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE (no mention of this).
4. Subsidised farming
Apparently farmers used to get paid £180 per cow by taxpayers. If we don't start paying it again something bad is going to happen. Especially now that our farmers are abused by those evil supermarkets.
5. Hedgehogs
Apparently, hedgehogs and songbirds are in a very bad way. I must confess I temporarily lost consciousness during this "report", but I'm guessing the culprits are evil supermarkets working hand in glove with overpaid bosses. Anyway, taxpayers have to stump up more cash or something real bad is going to happen.
Gah. That's enough.


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