Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New BBC Slime

Nice one my son

So WTF does the BBC think it's OK to give the odious Campbell £250,000 of our money? They say:

"The fee paid to Alastair Campbell is not a matter for us but the independent production company. The fee we pay them is a standard one for this sort of programme."

But why are they showing the programme at all? Haven't we all had more than enough of this appalling man?

The BBC has already given Campbell and his tedious self-justifying spun diaries a mass of free primetime promotion, let alone paying him so they can run his three-hour TV ad.

Mrs T and I are in the Westcountry at present- hence the lack of posts- and yesterday were in a local WH Smiths. They had two copies of the diaries on display, already discounted by a fiver. Needless to say, they haven't sold any.

Roll on privatisation.

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