Monday, July 02, 2007

Don't Let The B*****ds Off The Hook

Rare glimpse inside Department of Health

The gunfire was much closer now, and even the bunker's 20 feet of reinforced concrete was bucking and bouncing like a secretary in Field Marshal Prescott's private office.

By the flickering light of an NHS Direct oil lamp, the Commissar clenched her jaw and grasped her Best Year Ever! corporate gift pen.

"Those bastards", she snarled, and stabbed it down onto her blotter. The trashy pen snapped.

"Burnham!" she screamed.

In the outer office Junior Lieutenant Second Class Andrei Burnham hastily ended his whispered conversation and softly replaced the field telephone.

"Burnham, don't think I don't know!" The Commissar rolled her eyes and cackled just like old Milburn had done before he ran off into no-mans land.

"You'd better not be trying to jump ship. Like a rat!" She spat the words. "I'll have you shot!"

Burnham involuntarily glanced away. How could she know? His forthcoming elevation to the new Commissariate was surely a state secret, known only to himself and the Comrade Party Secretary.

"Hah! So it's true! Well, no more for that. We'll all be dead soon enough. Take a letter."


Hewitt's final hours letter to Brown sounds like a classic. We don't have the full text, but it seems that while the NHS has become a fiasco under her leadership, it's not her fault. It's all down to those hopeless backsliding workers.
The NHS remains "paternalistic", putting the "tribal" interests of doctors and managers ahead of patients' needs. Hospitals carry out "unnecessary work to protect their income". There is "a long way to go".

Which is why she says on no account should there be policy changes. The Bastards must have their extremities kept very firmly to the grindstone. Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone- including patients.

But she also says the service should learn from the commercial sector about engaging with patients. That we can all agree with, but it's still unclear she understood quite what it means. As we've blogged many times, the absolute core meaning is that spending power must be in the hands of customers, not politicos. Which is miles from where we are today.

So might her public sector trade unionist successor take that on board?

Don't stop the BUPA subs.

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