Wednesday, July 04, 2007

16 Going On Humbug

In a desperate bid to court popularity, Brown wants to lower the voting age to 16.

Let's set on one side the argument that hormone fueled 16 -year olds generally lack the maturity to determine the country's future, which is why only a very small handful of ill-assorted countries, such as Cuba, enfranchise them.

Let's also gloss over the argument that only taxpayers should vote. The Major's plan to restrict voting to taxpayers over 50 has much to commend it, but we'll park that.

No, what we'd like to know is how Brown reckons it's OK for him to reduce the customer age at which he can sell his life-destroying snake oil from 18 to 16? After all, he and his associates have only just raised the age at which it's legal for a shopkeeper to sell the self-same punters a packet of Woodbines from 16 to 18 (see this blog).
Where's Super Nanny when we need her?

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