Saturday, June 16, 2007

TPA Brown Envelope Day

The TaxPayers' Alliance has been out on the streets of Westminster again.

Along with Isitfair ( the TPA ran a ‘Brown Envelope Campaign’ during April and May to protest against ever increasing council taxes. They invited taxpayers to copy their bills and send a letter of protest to Gordon Brown asking why council tax has risen so much and what he plans to do about it. Thousands responded, filling the postbag every week with letters of exasperation, despair and fury at a tax thumping very hard.

And yesterday they delivered the message personally to the Brown One.

A TPA member reports:

"Holding placards made by the TPA team, we received a good reception from cabbies, bus passengers and even a Treasury security guard. One socialist decided to have a pop, lambasting us for our "selfishness", but seeing as he was the only one among hundreds we passed on the street who was in favour of high taxes and keeping our poorest pensioners in miserable poverty, we know the British people are on our side in the fight against high taxes."

And they didn't even get a stop and search.

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