Friday, June 15, 2007

Prisoner Pay-Outs

Wonder if these boys sued for compensation?

You and I have just paid £2.5m compensation to guests of Her Majesty for poor service.

"Prisoners in 94 jails were compensated over claims of abuse, assault, unlawful detention and medical negligence, according to the report.

The biggest single out-of-court payment was one for £575,000 to a male prisoner in Northallerton Young Offenders' Institution who had apparently attempted suicide, while Wormwood Scrubs settled another claim for £472,000.

Reasons for these two payments were not revealed but were included in the category of injury claims for official misconduct and human rights' breaches, the BBC said.

The figures also showed £750,000 was paid to 197 heroin addicts who had their treatment withdrawn or cut short during their time in prison."

Oh, and all these figures exclude legal costs, including the Legal Aid we gave them to sue us.
If you go to jail, all bets are off. That's what the Major always says, and round our way most people agree with him.

Even if you don't go that far, wtf should felons get financial compensation just because their bit of our dysfunctional public services fails to deliver? The rest of us don't get compensation for service failures in our hopeless no-Rs schools, our MRSA plague hospitals, or our 20% detection rate police.

Prison should be on the basis of best endeavours only. We won't go out of our way to recruit violent psychopaths onto the staff, but if a few slip through, then so be it.

Get banged up and you take your chances.

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