Wednesday, June 06, 2007

NHS Makes Record Profit!

Rejoice, rejoice!

The Commissar announces today the health news the entire country has been praying for- the NHS has made a record profit of £500m!

Yes, it's true. Thanks to the Commissar's visionary leadership, the country's coffers will be getting a massive boost, opening the path to yet more glorious victories!

Where now are the cowards and defeatists who said it couldn't be done?

People like the hospital consultants who have the sheer audacity to say the NHS is on its knees and they've lost confidence in the government!

People like the turncoat traitors inside the Department of Health who have sent an email revealing that "52 per cent of hospital inpatients are waiting longer than 18 weeks", and that some are waiting more than a year. Even though the Commissar has made it quite clear that nobody must wait more than 18 weeks.

Such disloyalty! Such ingratitude!

They need to understand that profits don't just grow on trees. £500m profit from an investment as modest as £80bn pa is a truly historic achievement.

1 comment:

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