Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Logo Shame

£400 sodding grand. For what Mr Dale correctly identifies as the logo for a Rabbit Shagging Championship.

But of course, this is only the latest in a vast and expensive catalogue of public sector logo disgrace. Here's a quick sample:

Item- the ludicrous Serious and Organised Crimes Agency Thundercats logo: cost £67 grand for the design and another £97 grand for the "rebranding" (see this blog):

Predictably, SOCA itself is an expensive flop.

Item- The DTI rebranded itself the Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry. But then it was forced to brand itself back again when new Secretary of State Alan Johnson pointed out that the initials DPEI suggested "various descriptions...penis and dippy" (see here). We've never been told exactly how many hundreds of thousands that cost.

Predictably, the Department of Penis itself is an expensive flop.

Item- £334 grand pa just to "manage" the NHS logo. You might thing that the letters "NHS" on a blue backgound wouldn't need all that much managing, but "an NHS 'branding team' is on hand to offer advice, and an NHS 'identity helpline' has been set up... It advises hospitals and other NHS bodies to ensure it is printed in 'NHS Blue - Pantone 300' and 'always positioned in the top right corner' of stationery. The NHS 'official typeface' - called Frutiger - should always be used where possible, it insists, while a strict 'exclusion zone' should be observed around the edge of the logo" (see this blog).

Predictably, the NHS itself is an expensive flop.

You know, I reckon there may be a pattern here.

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