Saturday, June 23, 2007

Incapability Review

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The Cabinet Office has been conducting a series of departmental "capability reviews" (see website here). This week they published the one for the Department of Health. And it's an absolute shocker.

Key conclusions are:
  • No clearly articulated vision for the future of health and social care and how to get there

  • Poor staff leadership- morale is rock bottom

  • Silo operation and poor governance structures

  • Lack of skills and no plan to get them

And as the chart shows, they don't score a "green" rating for any of the main capability criteria. Not one.

Yet this is the very Department that has been given a doubling in its budget over the last few years, and is now spending £90bn pa of our money. It is also the Whitehall-knows-best department that has imposed no end of top-down flipflop reorganisations, distorting targets, and general financial mayhem on the sharp-end health professionals who actually have to make the thing work.

If we ever needed an incontrovertible example of Big Government over-reach, this is surely it.

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