Sunday, June 17, 2007

Husky Killer Jumps As Supercomputer Heads For Crevasse

Jumped or pushed?

Our old friend Richard Granger has abruptly quit as head of Connecting for Health, the quango supposedly delivering the disastrous NHS supercomputer.

Dickie will be remembered chiefly for spending huge amounts of taxpayers' money. That, and his attitude to huskies. We first came across him early last year when we blogged:

"The CEO of Connecting for Health- the NHS offshoot running the NPfIT- is a gent by the name of Richard Granger. He sounds excellent value:

'A few months ago, he compared the NHS project to a sled being pulled by huskies. “When one of the dogs goes lame, and begins to slow the others down, they are shot,” he said. “They are then chopped up and fed to the other dogs. The survivors work harder, not only because they’ve had a meal, but also because they have seen what will happen should they themselves go lame.'

The IT project management business is full of Big Swinging Dicks with a dog fixation. Tyler used to work with one who rejoiced in his nickname of the Dobermann; unfortunately, after tearing large lumps out of everyone in sight, he had to be put down.

Watch this space."

We were certainly right to watch (see also this blog for amateur psychologist's take).

Of course he does leave one slight problemette- those huskies are now kareering towards the crevasse with absolutely nobody "in charge" except Commissar Hewitt.

20 billion quid.
Of our money.

Heading for the bottom of another icy ravine.

Why do we ever trust these arrogant clowns with anything?
PS For future reference, Granger addressed something called the Smart Healthcare 2007 conference in London last week. He reckoned "the NHS IT project has been substantially delivered with key component programmes now nearing completion", and that most of the criticism was ‘complete tosh’. He added for good measure: "I think that with a bit less whingeing and a bit more support, we might have even got the programme done quicker.” So that told us. And having told us, he's left. We'll see how his words look in a year's time.

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