Saturday, June 09, 2007

HIPS- Now We're Going To Be Sued

Not of this world

Here at Tyler Towers we've already worked out how to avoid the need for a Home Information Pack when we sell up to move to the Costa Geriatrica. One bedroom will become a study, another a gym, a third a Buddist temple, and the entire West Wing will become an eco reserve for an endangered species of speckled house mite. Only three bedrooms will remain, thus avoiding a HIP. Pretty neat, huh.

As we all know, the HIPs scheme is yet another nanny state fiasco (see previous blogs here and here). We taxpayers have already shelled out millions, but that's now set the escalate as hordes of expensively trained HIPs inspectors sue us to recover the cost of their now useless training:

"Ministers have agreed to meet out-of-work assessors who are threatening to take legal action to recover their training costs. Yesterday the number of disgruntled domestic energy assessors grew substantially when a company jointly run by the estate agency chain Connells said it was no longer prepared to invest in the venture.

Many who spent around £9,000 on training are considering suing the government. Just 18% of houses sold have four or more bedrooms."

Naturally, the training firms themselves are pulling out, with the largest sacking 100 staff yesterday. Total private sector costs are estimated at £100-250m, which means plenty more law suits to come.

So just to summarise, here we have a half-baked scheme that none of us ever wanted in the first place, which has taken a decade to reach implementation, which has already cost a packet, which has now been partially and messilly pulled, and which is going to get us sued.

The brilliance of government.

If only they'd just leave us alone and go away.

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