Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gratuitous Violence

A fresh start

As Nick Robinson keeps telling us, Brown's shuffle is the biggest cabinet shake-up since the War (the other one), more gore even than Mac's Night of the Longknives.

What should we make of it?

Better government?


At the Treasury, Darling will continue Brown's high tax, high meddling programme as is (it's unclear why Chief Secretary Stephen Timms got the bullet, especially to be replaced by Shaky- and see here).

At Health, Johnson will call a halt to anything that hints at "contestability".

At Children, Schools and Families (yes that's what Education is called now), Balls will press on with levelling up through dumbing down.

At Work and Pensions, the Orange One will hold court over the ongoing morass of fraud, error, and mass welfare dependency.


You know, I was going to go through the whole lot, but I'm now so depressed I think I'll have a large shot of absinthe.

Never in the history of Big Government has so much blood been spilled on so many ministerial carpets for so few benefits.

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