Friday, June 15, 2007

Full Service Jobcentre

It's good to know that Jobcentres offer a full service. According to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle:

"An escort agency specialising in dominatrixes advertised for girls at Jobcentres.

The ad was placed in the Gateshead and Byker branches by escort agency Raw Angels saying the girls would be paid £200 a shift and training would be given. It stated: "We are looking to recruit female escorts. Hours are negotiable and rates of pay are very high and no experience is necessary."

Jobseekers said they were shocked by the adverts, alongside ones for plumbers and secretaries.

One said: "I was horrified to see a what in my opinion is a sleazy ad like this in a Jobcentre window".

Obviously a cock-up... as it were. So you'd guess the Jobcentre would whip it down pdq and apologise.

Ahhhh... no. A spokesman says:
"Under the Employment and Training Act 1973 Jobcentre Plus is required to provide a service to both employers and job-seeking customers.
All vacancies, including sex industry vacancies, will be advertised by Jobcentre Plus as long as they are legal and providing in the case of the sex industry vacancies that they specify that applicants must be over 18.
It is entirely up to our customers whether they apply."
Er... ummm.... WHAT?!!
Can you imagine Reed acting for escort agencies? Or Manpower?
Jobcentre is of course part of the £120bn pa DWP, which is Britain's biggest spending department and also one of the worst.
Thanks to them we're now subsidising the sex industry.
I demand a freebie.

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