Friday, June 29, 2007

Dumbing Down

Ex-teacher Mrs T is spitting red biros. "I'd have never let my 8 year olds get away with that. It's the worst kind of sloppiness!"
Don't these people understand basic literacy? Don't they know that "we always use a Capital Letter for the first letter of a proper noun (name). This includes names of people, places, companies, days of the week and months"? (source: EnglishClub Learning Centre- EFL).
Mrs T proposes a crash remedial course. It should include practical examples to help overcome the "challenges" of a difficult home environment. For example, pupils could:
  • Share examples from their own experience of different types of proper noun; devise a chart/list/table to record words and add to this new examples that they find in their own reading.
  • Compose some e-mails using a list of proper nouns, e.g. to a TV station to request the return of a programme, to a local radio show asking them to play a friend's favourite track, to a newsagent to order a new magazine

Not Mrs T's ideas- they come from the department for children, schools and families website on teaching adult literacy.

WTF do we let these arrogant clowns spend tens of billions of our money and tell us how to educate our own children?

Does anyone know?

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