Thursday, June 14, 2007

Campaign For Online Trough Monitor

In the wake of the appalling attempt by those ever lovin' MPs to stop us seeing their expenses, may we urge all BOM readers to support the campaign for an online trough monitor.

Michael Greaves wants to get us an ONLINE REGISTER OF MP's & PEER'S EXPENSES, along the lines of the one already up and running in Scotland. For MSPs anyone can look at a detailed breakdown of expense claims, including amounts, dates, and payees (see here).

Michael has set up an excellent blog to focus the campaign- We Pay For Them- and has posted his draft bill along with a useful (and blood boiling) collection of relevant press cuttings here.

He has set up an ePetition on the Downing Street site. It reads:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to place before Parliament a Bill to create an Online Register of MPs and Peer's Expenses.

Since June 2006 it has been possible to view the expenses of Members of the Scottish Parliament online. There is no reason why the UK Parliament should not follow suit.

In order to help restore confidence in the UK Parliament and the conduct of MPs and Peers and the way in which they spend taxpayer's money, the Government is petitioned to introduce a Bill before Parliament to create and maintain Online Registers of MPs and Peers expenses similar to those provided by the Scottish Parliament and to provide for criminal sanctions for those members of Parliament who make dishonest or reckless claims for expenses and allowances.

The Online Register of Expenses shall be open to inspection without payment of any fee."

May we urge BOM readers to zip across and sign up.

Go Michael.

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