Thursday, June 07, 2007

£250,000 Taxpayer Leg Up For Tracey

Collecting the winnings

According to the Times British taxpayers are spending £250 grand to stage a Tracey Emin art sale in Venice. But we won't get a sniff of the profits (or anything else hopefully).

Trace is running her sale at this year's Venice Biennale, a huge arts jamboree:

"Her show includes semi-abstract watercolours that hint at her favourite subject – couples having sex – and a text piece, with her trademark misspellings, in which she describes the loss of a child and feelings of “failure as an artist and most of all as a human being”.

...she showed that her ability to shock has not waned in a show filled with drawings of genitalia, masturbation and explicit poses involving her body."

Fair enough- people will pay good money for that, and as we post-ironic modernist types all know, art is what Trace says it is.

But what isn't at all fair enough is that she's putting it on in the official British pavilion. Paid for by us:

"The British taxpayer has paid £250,000 for the show, staged by the British Council. But profits from any works sold, for between £12,000 and £325,000, will go to the artist and her dealer, Jay Jopling, of the White Cube. Having been chosen for the Biennale her prices will rise dramatically."

Just in case you misunderstand, my Lord Kinnockio's monstrously useless British Council (cost to taxpayers c£0.5bn pa) has invited Trace to do the show and has not demanded any commission.

As we've said before (eg here), the British Council is a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY and should be folded immediately. But this takes the FLAMING TIN LID BISCUIT (and I don't mean the one that won the Turner Prize).

(HTP David Blackie, whose excellent blog The Language Business is dedicated to exposing the manifold wickedness and waste of the BC).

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