Monday, May 21, 2007

Updates From BOM Correspondents

A couple of interesting updates on long-running sagas:

British Council- David Blackie at the Language Business draws attention to the latest outrage from the half-billion pa BC (see BOM's introduction here). The Council has a glossy ad seeking applicants to join its new "executive board". David writes:

"The ad mentions building the “brand”, “global business innovation”, “high return on investment”, “risk management” (a joke this, surely), “corporate strategy” and other bizspeak buzzwords. “This role will drive accountability and short-term delivery through the effective management of the organisation’s portfolio of regional and country-based products and services…” etc."

It's a right old game of Post Offices. With Our Money.

"The ad promises “attractive salaries and benefits”. You bet. A hugely subsidised business with a global unfair competition licence, with a tradition of promoting the incompetent, which is unaccountable, generously funded, with unmatchable job security, which has Establishment backing, tax privileges, provides the opportunity to back your favourite hobbies (and even your own companies), first class travel and sub worldwide, and all that while reporting to a CEO who can’t even answer emails.

Everybody should apply."

We've already dusted off the cv.

Spectrum sales- As you may recall from Gordo's last budget, for the forseeable future further spectrum sales will be a vital part of balancing the dodgy public sector books (see this blog). The problem is all the juicy bits have already been flogged, and after those notorious 3G auctions, buyers are very circumspect.

Now Keith McMahon points out that Ofcom are facing Big Problems agreeing a raft of knotty technical issues with the mobile players (see here). Until they've been resolved there can be no sales. The next auctions have already been put back to 2008.

Keith will be watching closely, and we can follow developments at

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