Sunday, May 27, 2007

Recent Bonfires 66

In the news this week:

£9bn wasted on tax credits- "Gordon Brown has been accused of wasting £9bn of public money on his flagship tax credit policy, after official figures showed the Revenue made huge overpayments in the first three years of the scheme. The latest data, produced by the Office for National Statistics, revealed that tax administrators wrongly handed out £1.7bn to families in 2005-06, bringing to £5.7bn the total amount overpaid since 2003. Much of it will be irrecoverable. The Liberal Democrats said that their own research showed the true scale of the money wasted was much greater, and equivalent to one pound in every five paid out by the Revenue. David Laws, Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, said this was because the official data excluded £3.6bn paid in fraud and error." (Financial Times 23.5.07)

Illegal immigrants asylum claims cost £1bn pa- "Asylum claims made by illegal immigrants cost the public more than £1billion a year, a Government report revealed last night. The migrants - who pay trafficking gangs up to £12,000 to be smuggled into the UK - make up 70 per cent of all claims for refugee status. They accounted for 42,000 of the 60,000 annual asylum applicants in 2003 - the only year for which figures are available. Home Office researchers found the illegals cost £700million in housing bills, £79million in claims processing, £64million in appeals and £129million in legal aid. Educating their 9,100 children cost £37million - or £4,000 per child. The illegals also received £17million of healthcare. At £1.02billion, the total bill equates to £17 for every Briton. The figures confirm - as critics have argued - that the asylum system is at the mercy of those who lodge claims only after they have been caught by immigration staff or police officers." (Mail 25.5.07)

£3.6m staff bonuses at failing Home Office- "More than 5,000 civil servants at the Home Office shared £3.6million in bonus payments last year, despite the department facing a series of scandals.... More than 1,000 foreign criminals were released from prison without being considered for deportation. Officials also failed to alert ministers to the fact that convictions given to Britons overseas had not been placed on the Police National Computer. Despite this "collective failure", senior mandarins were still able to find 5,014 officials considered worthy of a bonus. The total bill of £3,612,916 is 75 per cent higher than in 2002." (Mail 21.5.07)

Total for week- £10,003,600,000

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