Thursday, May 31, 2007

Public Servants Run Amok

The way they see themselves...

We taxpayers are currently stumping up over £10bn pa on something that calls itself higher education. And for that kind of money, you'd have to expect a little service.

This week the industry's trade union is holding its conference. And public service seems to be the last thing on their minds. So far, they've voted for:
  • "a comprehensive and consistent boycott" of all Israeli academic institutions, as called for by Palestinian trade unions in response to Israel's "40-year occupation" of Palestinian land
  • no shopping of Islamic extremist plotting overheard on campus

You'd almost think they're trying to wind us up.

Of course, we know students have always been revolting. But shouldn't their teachers keep at least half an eye on the hand that feeds?

...and the way the rest of us see them

Notorious sixties firebrand on the job

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