Saturday, May 26, 2007

Public Service Broadcasting

I want more programmes about large breasts and flesh eating plague toads
While young and impressionable, I was given to understand that the BBC's Panorama was a heavy duty factual programme. Like everyone else, I now understand it is nothing more than cheap...well, no, overpriced sensationalism.

The last two have comprised that hysterical Scientology episode with the ludicrous ego-maniacal John Sweeney, and this week's wi-fi-eating-our-children horrorfest. Admittedly I'm no scientist, and admittedly I haven't actually seen either programme, but I have chortled my way through the Sweeney YouTube clips, and it now turns out the wi-fi programme was nothing more than a propaganda piece from conflicted pressure group Powerwatch.

Panorama, Graham Norton, F*** Off, I'm A Hairy Woman, this is what "public service broadcasting" actually means.

And that is the justification for the £3bn pa telly tax.
PS The BBC used to present Lord Reith as a saint. The son of a Free Church of Scotland minister, he was a strict Presbyterian who carried his religious views into his work at the BBC. But as we now know, what that meant in practice was extreme authoritarianism, and a whole raft of loathsome ideas. He was a big fan of Hitler and Musso, noting when Hitler came to power “I am certain that the Nazis will clean things up and put Germany on the way to being a real power in Europe again . . . They are being ruthless and most determined.” He admired the efficiency of their military machine, and their rigorous approach to cultural diversity: "Germany has banned hot jazz and I’m sorry that we (Britain) should be behind in dealing with this filthy product of modernity.” What is it about sons of the manse, and those psychological flaws?

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