Thursday, May 24, 2007

Misdirected Email

Mr Ken
Since adding his email address to BOM, Tyler has received many interesting communications. But this latest one has clearly been misdirected, being addressed to AngelaShore@hmrc:

"Hello a very good day to you,I am Mr. Ken from Financial remedy based in Nigera WestAfrica. We provide security for money that are in your possesion that are not neccessarily yours. These funds could either looted funds or stolen Government money or money belonging to some of your clients that are deceased.

In any case we offer to such funds in safety for you for a specified period of time. There is going to be an agreement between us as to the sharing formular or the comission you will pay us for our services. It is usually 30/70,but sometimes we bring it lower whenvery heavy sum of money is involved.

We are assuring of 100% anonymity as we got all the security backing to carry out thehitch-free. But there must be a specification as to the duration of time we are to keepthese funds.

Also I am giving you guarantee that the said funds will be kept in top safety.

We are sending this mail to you in accordance with a search we carried out with anInternet searching software. We did this to search and find people that might be needingservices.

I would leave all the details untill we get a responce from you. But be rest assured the money and your personality will be highly protected.

That is a promise we have always kept."

You have to admire Mr Ken for cutting straight to the chase. He's right on the money in thinking that HMRC deals in looted funds and might be needing services. Indeed, HMRC has recently let slip it will be looting a criminal £453.4bn this year alone!

However, Mr Ken will find there's a slight problem as regards his hitch-free top safety security backed service: all that dosh, and a further £140bn as well, is already earmarked for burning.

Makes you you want to cry.

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