Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hippy Shake Fiasco

Ruthie shaking it to the left when she should have been shaking it to the right

So what has the whole HIPs fiasco actually cost so far? Remember the "government" has been trying to introduce them ever since they were first elected in 1997 (see timeline here).
As per, we haven't been told. £10m? £50m? £500m? We have absolutely no idea.
We do know it has cost all those poor fools who trained as HIPs inspectors up to £250m of their own money. Only to watch as the government abandoned the actual home inspection part of the HIP under heavy stiletto fire from the redoubtable Kirstie (see here).
And we know that hundreds of people- probably the same ones- are now spending let's say a further £250m training to do the EU energy reports (which were't even in the pack as originally mooted a decade ago).
So costs to taxpayers? We're guessing the same again- £500m.
Once again we see a half-baked... well, no, "half-baked" does an injustice to those fine boil-in-the-bag baguettes you can buy from Cost Cutter... half-witted policy idea, which nobody apart from those anti-market statists at Which? ever wanted in the first place, and which was never even slightly evaluated in terms of quantified costs and benefits.

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